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Newsletter – Second Sunday of Lent Year B

The story of Abraham being asked to deliberately sacrifice someone he loved, (more than his own life), is really horrifying. It is vital to keep in mind that it is, after all, God who is the one stopping the hand of Abraham. In fact, this incident is a foretaste of what God alone proposes to do to save humanity – For out of astounding love and faithfulness to us (who were not worthy), God the father did not even spare his only son (Jesus) –in order to save everyone… Because God’s love is so profound that he is willing to sacrifice himself in love, in order to save us all. (And it is the Father and the Son united who willingly sacrifice so much for us. God spares nothing and goes to the ultimate length to share complete solidarity with us.
In life and death, in joy and devastation, God gives us everything he has. God holds nothing back. It is impossible to truly understand the depths of this unmerited love and commitment that God has given to us.
(CTTO Fr Paul Kelly)

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