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Newsletter – First Sunday of Lent Year B

Our Lenten Journey has begun. Lent is called a ‘gracious gift’ and a ‘sacred time’ because it is a helpful and quietly joyous season when we ask God to pour out his grace upon us and transform us more and more into the people God has called us to be. We use this time of prayer, penance and practical acts of charity to ask God to foster in us all the virtues and values that resonate with the gospel values of God’s Kingdom. In Lent, we don’t ‘give up things’ to prove our willpower and strength. Nor do we ‘go without things’ to resist the bad values and habits we may have formed as if we were building a dam wall to prevent things from flooding us. The trouble with the images of “willpower” and “trying harder to resist” our faults and sins is that it puts too much emphasis on us and not enough on God. ALTHOUGH, THE ASH WEDNESDAY PRAYERS DO STILL SPEAK OF PUTTING ON SPIRITUAL ARMOURY TO RESIST ALL THAT IS BAD, AND FOSTER SELF-RESTRAINT; This will only truly succeed when God’s grace fills us with the positive virtues. – Fr Paul (SPCP)

Stations of the Cross during the Lent season started from 16th of February at 6pm in St. Brigid’s Church. All are welcome to join and be engaged in this Lenten journey.

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